MySQL Database Setup

MySQL is a popular Database system for web and server applications. This tutorial will guide you how to setup and manage MySQL on CentOS 6.x.

This tutorial assumed you have root access to your server. If you do not have direct root access, your login account should have at least [sudo] elevated privileges to proceed with this tutorial.


MySQL Setup

Installing MySQL and tell it to start on system boot.

sudo yum install mysql-server
sudo service mysqld start
sudo chkconfig mysqld on


Securing MySQL

Next we will configure and secure MySQL with the following command

sudo mysql_secure_installation

As this is a new installation without any existing root password , Hit Enter to continue.

Select Y when prompted you to set your new root password as shown.

You will be prompted with a series of questions after setting Root password . Simply type Y for yes on all of them, see the screen shot below:


Now we have completed our installation for MySQL.

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