Setup VestaCP

VestaCP is an open source hosting control panel that supports both Red hat flavoured Linux releases (Red Hat, CentOS) and Ubuntu LTS 12.04 onwards. VestaCP comes with all software to run and manage your websites hosted in a VPS. VestaCP has many features as a free alternative to commercial version of cPanel.

Feature List

  • Web Server (Apache with Nginx as Reverse Proxy)
  • DNS server
  • Database Server
  • Mail Server
  • FTP Server
  • Nginx out of the box
  • SSL certificates & SNI
  • Wildcard support
  • Configuration Templates
  • DKIM support
  • Fast Backups
  • System Monitoring
  • AntiSpam / Antivirus
  • WHMCS billing support
  • EPEL integration
  • Simple and Clean GUI
  • Powerfull CLI
  • Reliable Platform
  • Open Data Format


This tutorial assumed you have root access to your server. If you do not have direct root access, your login account should have at least [sudo] elevated privileges to proceed with this tutorial.

In the following section, we will show you how to install Vesta CP in CentOS 6. Make sure that you have setup host name for the server and its pointing to right DNS.

You can check the FQDN of your server by issuing the command #hostname -f

If the result is unknown as shown then we will need to correct some settings before we continue our installation.

unknown hostname

nano /etc/hosts

Edit as shown [ * You will need to replace IP Address and Domain name with your own ]

set host file

nano /etc/sysconfig/network

Edit as shown [ * You will need to replace Domain name with your own ]

set network hostname


Now, we’re ready to install the Vesta CP, let’s go ahead and try it and see what happens, type this into your terminal window.

To download Vesta CP, issue the following command


download vestaCP script

Once the installer script is downloaded we can execute it to start the installation process.

Issue the following command


vestaCP install screen

If everything goes fine you will be asked to continue by pressing Y to continue else press N to abort.

Enter Admin and Fully Qualified Domain Name when prompted. [ * You will need to replace Email and Domain name with your own ]

set admin info

The installation will take approximately 15 minutes or longer depending on your system specs and speed of your network connections etc.

Access Admin Panel

successful vestacp installation

Once the installation is completed, we may now access our admin panel as shown.


VestaCP Login Screen


Login with the Admin password provided [ * Remember to change your admin password after your first login ]


Vesta Panel

Congratulation! Your VestaCP Panel is now ready for use.




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